puiyee and jon part 2: the simplest


It has been more than a month since we have get married, time flies, it does. Good that I can still share my DIY pre-wedding photos here to make myself feeling I'm still a newlywed! :)


We want nothing else in the photos, no jewelery, no fancy makeups, no beautiful heritage, but just the two of us in our newly established home-sweet-home, in the simplest and cleanest way.

Ok I still got some props, a bunch of fresh petite roses bought from the wet market next door.


so we posed and posed and posed in front of a big mirror, made lots of fun, did lots of real hugs and kisses, and got our favorite pieces.


Special thanks to our photographer, a Korean brand wireless remote shutter control. Good job done! Any of our clients would like to try some DIY photos and have some fun just like us, let me know and I will bring along the kit, I will then leave it to you and enjoy a good long high-tea....... :P

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