pre-wedding & post-wedding

christina and ronald part 2: winter adventure
christina and ronald part 1: magic carpet
yingying and man part 2: the mother school
yingying and man part 1: paint with love
alison and patrick: o perfect love
ann and kevin: the reason for happiness
sidney and kenneth: just the two of us
iris and kemp part 2: let's go sit on the lawn!
iris and kemp part 1: artventure of love!
j and y: romantic excursion
kinnie and kee part 1: stay happy on cloudy days
kinnie and kee part 2: favorite colours!
daisy and bob part 1: enjoy the shooting!
daisy and bob part 2: the cupid arrow
jessica and alfred: the sweetest sunday
kaka and jason part 1: lovers' carnival
kaka and jason part 2: painting love with pastel colours
r and a part 1: bonjour to summer sun
r and a part 2: romantic comedy
candice and kevin (post-wedding) part 1: blissful kids in florist
candice and kevin (post-wedding) part 2: interpretation of white
n and p part 1: past, now, and forever
n and p part 2: fun in fruit market
j and y: walk with breeze and clouds
candice and kevin part 1: in the greenery
candice and kevin part 2: joyful family life in kitchen!
puiyee and jon: stay true, stay playful
puiyee and jon part 2: the simplest
sharon and thomas part 1: le ballon rouge 
sharon and thomas part 2: classy in studio
kate and tony part 1: airy springtime
kate and tony part 2: walk in the town 
kate and tony part 3: more works by A
piera and dennis: summer green
ada and gary part 1: happily
ada and gary part 2: tenderly