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christina & ronald part 2: winter adventure

Alazizi Artventureland re-visited ;), one of the lovliest location we have seen so far!


christina & ronald part 1: magic carpet

Cyber Port is a very romantic place during autumn, as the golden falling leaves just like a fairy carpet that can bring us to anywhere. We wish the magic carpet brings the newlywed couple, Christina and Ronald, to a freewheeling and surprising new world with great love.


yingying & man part 2: the mother school

We had the luck to visit Man's mother school. They had fun on a big sport field, delighted in a tree house and whispered endearments in classroom!


yingying & man part 1: paint with love

Love is not just about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship.
How much love in the beginning is important, but how much love you build till the end is more important.
We are delighted to spend a day with this sweet young couple Ying and Man. Merrily and so in love with each other, they brought us to a romantic and fascinating photoshooting venue, an oil painting workshop!


alison & patrick: O Perfect Love


Love is the beauty of the soul. Saint Augustine
Patrick, swearing to begin his lifelong romance with Alison, our best friend. Two souls with a single thought, two hearts then beat as one.
It is always our greatest pleasure to take prewedding photos for our best friends. Our blessings for the married couple will never end. God please grant them the joy which brightens earthly sorrows, and grant them the peace which calms all earthly strife. (from "O Perfect Love")